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1. Hibernate 3.2.1 in Glassfish - left join fetch broken!?

public class OrderTraffic implements Serializable
* EmbeddedId primary key field
protected OrderTrafficPK orderTrafficPK;

@JoinColumn(name="\"carrier-no\"", insertable=false, updatable=false)
private Vendor vendor;

...the PK class for above entity...

public class OrderTrafficPK implements Serializable
@Column(name="\"ar-entity\"", nullable=false)

3. JPA (hibernate provider), hosted in glassfish, does not fetch data

I have set up a data source to a database on glassfish (version 2.1.1 and version 2.1) Ping to data source is successful from both servers. I run v2.1.1 on linux (database mysql 5.1) and v2,1 on windows vista (database sql server 2008). I use hibernate on both servers. My project does not fetch data from both servers but it does ...