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1. How to set fetch size in Hibernate against an Oracle database?    stackoverflow.com

When programming directly in JDBC against an Oracle database you can call stmt.setFetchSize(fetchSize) on the statement to determine the max number of records to fetch in one round trip from the ...

3. Howdoeshibernate.jdbc.fetch_sizepropertyhelpsinbulkretrieval    forum.hibernate.org

Hai I have a requirement of retrieving 1 million records from database. So i want to know how does hibernate.jdbc.fetch_size property helps me in tuning my application. My doubt is when it retrieves 1 million records it holds all those objects in Session or is there any way to avoid it.How does the above property helps while doing bulk fetching?

4. Problem with "hibernate.jdbc.fetch_size"    forum.hibernate.org

Newbie Joined: Wed Dec 26, 2007 7:34 am Posts: 2 Hi,All:) I have set "hibernate.jdbc.fetch_size" to 32. when I execute a simple query, which result contains only 1 row, the thread seems hang up for a long time; I execute the same query with a different parameter, which result contains 75 rows, the execution is very fast. I traced Hibernate's code ...