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1. How to limit fetching of entities from SQL query

SQLQuery query = session.createSQLQuery("select {} from order o " +
        "LEFT JOIN bookings b ON = o.bookingId " +
List pusList = query.addEntity(Order.class)

2. Hibernate: eagerly fetching depth limit

suppose i have a table named Products which is self-joined using a foreign key: parent_product_id -> id. Now in the corresponding hibernate Products model i got a Set which is consisted ...

3. Limit on left join fetch ( Hibernate2 vs Hiberante3) HQL

It is my understanding that there used to be one collection(per level) eager fetch restriction in Hibernate2 and that has been removed in Hibernate3. Does that mean Hibernate3 still defaults to 1 collection fetch for backward compatibility? If that is, Can anyone point me the property to set the appropriate values? Currently, I am trying to eager fetch 2 different collections ...

4. Fetching an ordered limit of entities