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I want to retrieve the java data types of the columns of a table in MySql using hibernate so that I can dynamically convert my input data to corresponding data type ...

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I have two entities: User and Address. User has an "address" property:

@OneToMany (mappedBy="user", fetch=FetchType.EAGER) 
public List<Adress> getAddress() {
    return this.address;
public void setAddress(List<Adress> address) {
    this.address= ...

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Hi all, I don't know what is the meaning of fetch types in hibernate. I know that there are several types like EAGER and LAZY. I have used them in my simple applications with relationships, but I don't know what happen when using this types. Specially EAGER AND LAZY. I have heard that data fetched lazily or data fetched eagerly. Please ...

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