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1. How to store an object instance as a field of an EJB3 entity?    stackoverflow.com

I have an entity Promotion, which has 3 simple fields (id, name, description) and all 3 will be mapped to DB. So far so good. Problem is with the 4th field, ...

2. Insert 'Text' field data type into MySQL using EJB 3    stackoverflow.com

 private String message = "";
 public String getMessage() {
  return message;

 public void setMessage(String message) {
  this.message = message;
I am using EJB3 and MySQL 5.1 using ...

3. EJB3 persistence with a field that's not an entity    stackoverflow.com

I've got the following situation

public class myEntity implements Serializable {

    private AnotherClass anotherClass;

public class AnotherClass implements Serializable {

   private String ...
   private String ...

but ...

4. How to get the field annotated with @Id in EJB3 (JPA) and Hibernate?    stackoverflow.com

The title is self explanatory. I would be glad to hear solutions, thanks.