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1. Specifying non unique column as @Id field in hibernate

I am storing results of a @NamedNativeQuery in a Bean , and more often the query results are not unique, nor I have overrided HashCode and Equals of the bean, ...

2. Best practise for naming conventions for entity fields and database table columns

i am using hibernate to create entities and database tables and i am confused about the naming conventions: let's give an example: we have a department entity as follows:

public class Department {


3. Help me to Update only selected Fields and not all the columns in database through hibernate ??

hi.....iam working on a project....using struts as front-end and hibernate for OR mapping with my sql server 2005 thr are columns such as ein, age, city, name,gender. I want only age and city to get updated but all the fields are getting updated. i don't know where i went wrong. please help me to figure out this issue. Following is action ...

4. Set all the fields of a column to a value

Depends. If you're talking about for new records you insert into your data store, you could define a @PreInsert method on your entity object and set the fields accordingly with their default values if no values were specified when the object was instantiated. If you're talking about for existing records, you could define a @PreUpdate method that checks the existence of ...

5. find field of entity class based on column name

Hi, Given a column name of a table, is it possible to get the mapped field of the corresponding entity class? For example, if I have a table tbl and it has a column called "col1", I'd like to know which field of the entity class is modeling this column? Thanks. Antonio.

6. Easy way to get Column Headers (field names)?

7. Ignoring Field Name Prefix for Column Names