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1. How to prevent clash of "autonumber" field when exporting from one database to another?

Supposing I have a Person class that is persisted/loaded via hibernate:

int PersonId;
String Name;
PersonId is an "autonumber" that is generated by hibernate when saving the Person.
Now lets say I made a ...

2. Tracking changes to db fields while using ORM

I want to track the changes made to every column in a particular table. I thought of storing the changes in another table with the following columns: id, field, and data ...

3. How to deal with padded fields in legacy database

I believe the following situation is a good candidate for using a Custom Type (org.hibernate.UserType) or a Hibnerate Interceptor, but I'm not sure and I'm not sure which is most appropriate... I'm working on converting a legacy software system to a Java web application. The legacy software pads several text fields with trailing space characters for the length of the field. ...

4. mismatch in fields in database

5. Hibernate fill data field in db automatically - how do that?

Hi, first of all - sorry for my 'broken' english :-). Now, I have some table in my db, and there is date column called inserting_date. When new record will be added then current date should also be added to this coulm. So I don't want do this in the Java way (insertingDate = new Date(); and then insert) but I ...

6. Prefix all fields and tables from a database

Hi! I'm quite new in the Hibernate community and I have an urgent problem so I really need your help. For the project I'm working to we have to change the persistence layer and we thought Hibernate will be the best solution. The problem is that the databases contains tables and fields with the same datas, but their names are prefixed. ...

7. how to show database field with hibernate metadata

Hai all, i'm a newbie in hibernate.. now i've a problem with hibernate. how to show database field in my application with hibernate. nowadays, i've a POJO class in my program Code: package org.blueoxygen.aconix.entity; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.Inheritance; import javax.persistence.Table; import javax.persistence.InheritanceType; import org.blueoxygen.cimande.DefaultPersistence; /** * @author SiLeNT~SkY * */ @Entity() @Table(name="article") @Inheritance(strategy=InheritanceType.SINGLE_TABLE) public class Article extends DefaultPersistence { ...