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1. hibernate - How to annotate a property as enum with a field    stackoverflow.com

How do I map an enum with a field in it?

public enum MyEnum{
private int value;
public MyEnum getInstance(String value){...}

public class MyEntity {
private MyEnum eduType;
How do I annotate so that values ...

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Hello! I would like to use an enum as datatype for a field and i already found some basic instructions on how to do this on google. I don't want to use annotations, so the xml way is the only one i can go. I have found a class GenericEnumUserType on http://community.jboss.org/wiki/Java5EnumUserType which probably works as i need it. My xml ...

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Hi All, I've been looking around the net to no avail. I'm pretty sure im missing something simple here. I have a field in db, that is of type int. I'm trying to properly map, using annotations the enum property. Code: @Entity @Table(name = "MyTable") public class myClass implements Serializable { @Id ...