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1. Multilingual fields in DB tables

I have an application that needs to support a multilingual interface, five languages to be exact. For the main part of the interface the standard ResourceBundle approach can be used to ...

2. How to create Tinyint Field in Hibernate annotation

I have problem in creating tinyint field in MySQL database using Hibernate. I used to write the Entity class like this @Entity @Table(name="tablename") public class MyEntity {

private int id;

public int getId() {
 return id;

public void ...

3. Hibernate not creating correct fields for Clobs in MySQL

I have a String in my Entity

private String introText;
The column in my MySQL database that Hibernate creates for introText is a varchar(255), which doesn't jive with the column length or @Lob ...

4. How to annotate MYSQL autoincrement field with JPA annotations

Straight to the point, problem is saving the object Operator into MySQL DB. Prior to save, I try to select from this table and it works, so is connection to db. I think ...

5. Accessing a set of multi-field objects using Hibernate

I have troubles with Hibernate 3.6.2 and my MySQL database 5.5.9. I have a Java class that assigns users to some roles. Later I'm assigning some of those assignments to an ...

6. hibernate +mysql + date fields

hi! im newbe in hibernate and I traying to work with 2 related tables, but theres a problem and I cant find what is wrong. when i traying to map date, datetime or timestamp fields from mysql i have problems. I change that fields types and the mappings without any results. Is always the same error. could not execute query. Caused ...

7. MySQL longtext field

MySQL text fields have a limit of 65,000 bytes. If you insert anything larger than that in to a normal text field mySQL will silently truncate your data without telling you. MEDIUMTEXT will store 16 million characters and LONGTEXT can handle over 4 trillion, but this information does not appear to be readily available in the online mySQL manual.

8. MySql BigInteger Id field problem

I'm using mySql and I have a table with a BigInteger ID field that i can't modify. I need to let the database to increment on his own the value of the field, but I can't find a suitable generator for my Id to put in the hbm.xml configuation file for the class. I search the forum but the solution with ...