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1. Problem using less than condition in Hibernate Filter

Hi, I have a sample filter in an hbm file say , it is working fine . But if I change the contion to condition="HDEL : <=value" ,then parsing error is occured . less than (i.e. '<') or greater than (i.e. '>=' ) sign is closing the xml tag I guess. How can I mention less ...

2. Problem in Enabling a Filter using IN condition

Hi All, i have defined a filter like this and attached to the mapping element when i try to enable this filter, session.enableFilter(entry.getKey().trim()+"Column").setParameter(entry.getKey().trim(),finalcol); and this 'finalcol' is List of String. when i do this i am getting the below error [Servlet Error]-[Incorrect type for parameter [areaDesc]]: Incorrect type ...

3. hibernate3 filter - how to write a condition with IN

I want to use hibernate3 filter. I define it like : type="boolean"/> Then on collection, I want to use this filter to filter the collection for bunch of types. e.g I want the condition as ":myType IN (value1, value2, value3). What would be the syntax of defining such a filter?

4. Filter condition fails - bug HHH-1932

6. Centralise filter condition


7. Condition on subcollection in filter

Hi, I have the following problem. I have a many-to-many mapping between "Collection"<->"Object", so "Collection" has a set property in which I can put "Objects". So, I can retrieve some "Collection" and show it contents. Now I want to add a security filter. I've added a many-to-many mapping between "Object"<->"Role", so each "Object" has set of roles that can view it. ...

8. filter condition problem

9. Hibernate Filter with Condition based on Aggregate

Hello Chaps, I am sure this is simple, but, cannot make it work. In my mapping file I have a 'version map', the key is the 'version; number (an integer) and the target is the object I want to persist: <.. Parent Class Def ... ...