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1. from Hibernate hbm to JPA annotations, a challenging one

I've been struggling with this one for quite some time already. It appears a lot less simple than I thought it'd be:

    <join table="COTISATION_SYNCHRO" fetch="join" optional="true">

2. @Audited annotation in Hibernate hbm file

I am using Hibernate as my orm in my application. Now I want to integrate it with Envers. At present I am generating entity using hbm files. In that case how can ...

3. How do I specify integers to be of a certain length via a JPA annotation

create table foo (id INT(10) not null ...)
Instead of declaring id as "INTEGER", I would like to specify a length restriction as mentioned above. I use @Entity class Foo {
@GeneratedValue(strategy = IDENTITY)
@Column(name = ...

4. Using Hibernate .hbm in addition to annotations

I have a bunch of autogenerated files that look similar to the following one:

@XmlType(name = "FooType", propOrder = {
@Entity(name = "FooType")
@Table(name = "FOOTYPE")
@Inheritance(strategy ...

5. Is it possible to use both annotations and hbm.xml files in the same project in Hibernate?

Does one necessarily have to make a strict choice between using annotations and hibernate configuration files, or is it possible to use both ways at the same time in the same ...

6. Hibernate Annotations vs xxx.hbm.xml

7. Mixing Hibernate Annotations with .hbm files

Hi Friends, Can we mix the hibernate annotations and .hbm files approach? In my project we were using .hbm mapping file to map the entity objects. When I came to know about Hibernate annotations then I tried to implement hibernate annotations for the further developement but it is showing error that "Can not fetch simultaneous bags" Can anyone help me out ...

8. Replacing *.hbm.xml files with @Annotations.

I have three java classes that are persisted using hibernate. I want to switch from using *.hbm.xml files to annotations on these classes. However the db has additional tables that are created by tags in hbm.xml. Is there a way to create these extra tables using annotations without having to create additional java classes? One of the java classes that result ...

9. auto listener doesnt work for mixed annotation and .hbm.xml

We have kind of an odd environment where our domain model configuration is a mix of annotation and .hbm.xml files. What I noticed is that for entities having .hbm.xml configuration, auto indexing didnt work even with added post update listeners. I have two questions 1. Should we need listeners in such mixed environment? 2. What configuration might be missing which is ...

10. mixing hbm and annotations

11. hbm.xml vs annotations

12. @Audited annotation in Hibernate hbm file

Is this a reverse engineering issue? Then this sounds like an issue for the Tools subforum. Short answer: You'll have to modify a template. You'll also have to signal the template whether to add that annotation or not, probably by adding a tag to the table in reveng.xml. The basic procedure isn't difficult, but the docs tend to get a ...

13. Problem With JPA- Works with hbm but not with annotations

Newbie Joined: Thu Feb 10, 2011 11:12 am Posts: 1 Hello I have a problem with my configuration of Annotations. with Hibernate 3.6.1, Im taying to map a Mysql 5.5 database, in a Liferay 6 Portlet I can do de mapping with HBM files and everithing works fine, but when I try to doit with annotations I get the error: Code: ...

14. hbm2ddl not working for annotations (NoSuchMethodError)

Hibernate version: Hibernate 3.1beta2 Hibernate Annotations 3.1beta4 $ java -version java version "1.5.0_03" Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (build 1.5.0_03-b07) Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 1.5.0_03-b07, mixed mode, sharing) hibernate.cfg.xml true net.sf.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect true 1, false 0 org.postgresql.Driver jdbc:postgresql:// bk bk ...

15. hbm2ddl or schemaGeneration with annotations

16. Annotations Vs HBM2Java

Hello, We are starting a new project under Hibernate, and we would like to know which way is the best or easiest to work with. 1) Use HBM XMLs to create/maintain schema & then feed these XMLs to Hbm2Java so that POJOs will be generated for us. Later extend these POJOs as necessary. OR 2) Use Java Annotations in the class ...

17. hbm2ddl and annotations

I think I just found the solution to your problem: you can convince hibernate to quote names in the generated SQL: Just use a mapping like .... (observe the backticks `) hibernate will then quote the name on SQL-generation, it will even choose the right quote-character for your SQL-Dialect.

18. hbm.xml vs. annotations

Currently, I have a class which contains a set of String objects from a child table. All of the examples that I've seen only show the xml version of this setup, and using the hbm.xml file, this is working just fine. I would like to move entirely to annotations, but haven't found an equivalent way of specifying which database column to ...

19. Nothing generated for Hbm2ddl with annotations

Beginner Joined: Wed Jul 14, 2004 11:51 am Posts: 41 Hi, I'm having problems generating my database with hbm2ddl. I tried a simple mapping but it doesn't seem to work and I don't get any error messages (I use hibernate 3.2.0ga, hibernate-annotation and hibernate-tools 3.2.0 beta ) Here is my cfg file: Code:

20. Using Hibernate Search without Annotations (using hbm.xml)?

I am working on a project, using the latest version of hibernate core and search. Is it possible to configure an entity for search (like, index a class) using the .hbm.xml files? If so, how? All the examples use the annotations like @Indexed or @Field ... I'd like to do it with hbm.xml files.

21. Can I generate annotations with hbm2java?

If i want to use hbm.xml files for everything, but want to use "hibernate search"... which as far as i can tell requires annotations... Can I generate annotations on my classes and properties? using @Indexed doesnt work because it puts the '@Indexed' part on the same line as the class declaration. Nobody is answering my other thread about not using ...

23. Moving from hbm to annotations memory issues

Hi, I have recently altered the mapping generation on a project from using Xdoclet and hbm to use annotations. However, on starting the Tomcat server where some of the data is cached we have a much larger memory footprint. The size is as follows using hbm size is approx 50MB using annotations the size is approx 170MB The data cached does ...

24. Annotations to hbm.xml generation via hbm2hbmxml

25. hbm.xml vs annotations

You might find this information, from my website, to be interesting on the topic: A Quick Discussion: What is Hibernate and Annotations? and How Does it Work? JPA annotations greatly simplify persistence programming with Hibernate, but to understand why they're so great, it helps to understand what we needed to do before the introduction of annotations. Back to the Future: This ...

26. Hbm vs Annotations

Here's a little excerpt from my website. I think it addresses the hbm vs. annotations issue: A Quick Discussion: Hibernate Annotations vs. Hibernate Mapping Files Quote: JPA annotations greatly simplify persistence programming with Hibernate, but to understand why they're so great, it helps to understand what we needed to do before the introduction of annotations. Back to the Future: This Historical ...

27. Hibernate Annotations (hbm2ddl)

I'm doing a tutorial which uses spring + Hibernate Annotations ... I use to help me see the loggers. I get a ERROR log which states "Unsuccessful: create table myobject(...)" Error location being "org.hibernate.tool.hbm2ddl.SchemaExport.create(" Qs. 1. I noticed on the tutorial, there's no where a table is created on the DB, so i assume hibernate does this by using hbm2ddl.. ...

28. Hibernate Annotations (hbm2ddl)

29. Want annotations, but never look for MyClass.hbm.xml file

c = new AnnotationConfiguration() .setProperty("dialect", "org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLInnoDBDialect") .setProperty("connection.driver_class","com.mysql.jdbc.Driver") ...

30. .hbm.xml vs annotations

Hello I was wondering if all functional aspects provided by .hbm.xml mapping files were also supported by annotations I've written a quite complex source code with .hbm.xml mapping files which works perfectly well under hibernate 3.2.6 GA and entity-manager 3.3.2 GA and wanted to move to annotations things which seem to me a little bit awkward to guess from docs are ...

31. annotaions vs hbm.xml