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How can I generate Hibernate hbm xml files & entities classes from existing DB schema? Sharon

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We have some JPA entity classes which are currently under development and wouldn't want them as part of the testing cycle. We tried commenting out the relevant entity classes in META-INF\persistence.xml ...

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I have 2 classes with the same name

When I perform a hbm2ddl it mentions that the @Entity name needs to be unique and I gave a resolved this using @Entity ...

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I have two different DB and for one of it was created entity, with should not be created in my second DB when hibernate create tables.

@Table(name = "A")
public class A{
//some field

@Table(name ...

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I have a small schema consisting of ~10 classes mapped by jpa2 with hibernate as provider. All of the classes are build in the same basic way (@Entity annotation for the ...

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Hi there, it seems that hbm2ddl ignores entity schema definition from @Table(schema="..") and looks in the default schema when validating. Here is the entity class: @Entity @Table(name = "a", schema = "s") public class A {... } If I skip the validation it all works properly. This also seems to break both create and update. Update for example checks the wrong ...

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I already posted this question under tools, but I made a mistake in my posting and I thought I might have put it under the wrong section so I figured I'd give it another shot. I'm relatively new to hibernate and its tools. I'm trying to use an xml entity to move a component into a file that can be shared ...