1. Is it possible to create indices on join table using Hibernate annotations and hbm2ddl?

I have a two entities in many-to-many association. Hibernate creates a join table for this association if hbm2ddl is activated. However, since I do not have an entity for this table, ...

2. Hibernate: HBM2DDL schema generation - Many-to-Many join table primary key issue

So I have a List that is a unidirectional many-to-many relationship. Here's the code:

private List<Task> ...

3. Hibernate doing a JOIN and a SELECT though only a JOIN is specified as FetchType and on the hbm

I have a class/table that contains a relationship to another class/table which then contains a collection of the original class/table. It goes something like this. An Organization has an ExamCode. That ExamCode will also belong to other Organizations. Since I'm creating a view that needs to show this relationship, I need to pull it in a single query (ideally). I have ...

4. how to map joins in hibernate hbm files

6. Quering different tables by using Left Join (HBM)

Hi, i want to use query from three different table and i am using left join. i am getting correct output by running the following query. SELECT GOOD_CLAIM_ID,F_GOOD_CLAIM_ID,M_GOOD_CLAIM_ID FROM WPPAUP.GOOD_CLAIM LEFT OUTER JOIN WPPAUP.M_GOOD_CLAIM ON GOOD_CLAIM_ID = M_GOOD_CLAIM_ID LEFT OUTER JOIN WPPAUP.F_GOOD_CLAIM ON GOOD_CLAIM_ID = F_GOOD_CLAIM_ID where GOOD_CLAIM_ID=9002 GOOD_CLAIM -> Table GOOD_CLAIM_ID -->col 9000 9001 9002 9003 M_GOOD_CLAIM -> Table M_GOOD_CLAIM_ID ...

7. How to join 2 table in hbm file

How to join 2 tables into 1 class in hbm file. Both table have no relationship, both are independent. I just want to combine columns of both tables to 1 class in hbm file for only displaying column values in UI. For example: Table A: a_id a_name a_age .... .... Table B: b_id b_car_no b_car_model ..... ..... class AB: //properties a_id ...

8. left join in hbm.xml format

Hi, Need help in syntax of left join. I have 2 tables 1 stores customer info like customer id ,user id and password and other table has promoition if that customer has and datalook like customer id, promotion id and promotion type. foreight key is customer id. If any body can send syntax in hbm.xml format that would be great. thanks ...