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1. Passing parameter to hbm2ddl

I have parametrized persistence.xml. I am trying to generate ddl schema using hbm2ddl. How can i pass parameters to this tool ? My persistence.xml looks like

<property name="hibernate.connection.driver_class" value="${persistence.connection.driver.class}"/>
<property name="hibernate.dialect" value="${persistence.dialect}"/>
<property name="hibernate.connection.password" value="${persistence.password}"/>
<property ...

2. Named Parameter in HBM File

I am trying to map a collection within a HBM file using a with named parameters. The Attributes table is keyed by a three member composite key. I want the collection to be populated with attributes when querying on two of those members, the project number and instance number. I can't seem to be able to set the second parameter ...

3. Sequence Parameter in hbm config file?

Hi, Thanks kgignatyev, but no. I'm using the hbm2ddl.SchemaExportTask which reads the hbm files and generates the tables, indexes and sequences directly into my database. I'd like to embed the parameters directly into the hbm file so the newly generated sequences start with a value higher than the test data I have inserted using dbunit. If I can add a parameter ...