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Table structure Table1

ID   Name Type Parentid
123  s     a       124
124  r     b    ...

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Hi All, I have a Parent, Child relationship with the following configuration (please do not worry about typo mistakes) ...

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Hi, I am a newbie. I write my SQl query in hbm.xml and the path of the hbm is defined in hibernate.cfg.xml. But the issue is, I have to mention all the column names even if I wish to use 2 of them. sample of query in hbm.xml Suppose there are only 2 columns in the table:

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My configuration: * Spring\JBoss\Hibernate\Jencks(junit testing) * 2 datasources(live, and config) therefore 2 sessionFactories - JTA * 1 named sql-query located within an hbm file I have a named sql-query in one of my .hbm files. This hbm is loaded by the config sessionFactory. I need to make sure that the named query is executed by the config datasource/sesionFactory. Currently, Hibernate is ...

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I have to choose between using annotation and HBM (config file) to query data from joined table in database with Primary key and foreign key relationship. I'm not sure whether it would get different performance from both ways. How is the mechanism to access the database for these 2 methods? please help.