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1. Maven Java Source Code Generation for Hibernate

I´m busy converting an existing project from an Ant build to one using Maven. Part of this build includes using the hibernate hbm2java tool to convert a collection of .hbm.xml ...

2. Schema export with hibernate annotations

I'm using hibernate annotations and i want to export my database schema. Similar to the schemaexporttask with hbm xml files.

3. Hibernate hbm2ddl ant file paths

I am having troubles with generating database schema with Hibernate Tools. This is my ant file

    <project name="Schema generator for MySQL database" basedir=".">
 This file is used ...

4. hbm2java using Ant

Hi, I'm trying to modify build-hbm2java.xml file, which came with middlegen-hibernate plugin, so that I can specify the output folder. Specifying output folder can be done using --output option from commandline but I would like to do the same thing using Ant. What I did so far is I've added output option for java task but I got Access denied error. ...

5. hbm2java with ant

6. Ant hbm2ddl cant find the hbm.xml files

I am useing hibernate 3 net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://localhost:1433/sks/ sks sks 2 org.hibernate.dialect.SQLServerDialect true create ...

7. hibernatetool-ant, howto include table comment in hbm maps

hmm i actually thought hbm did include them - apparently not. open a jira for it. i'm not totally keen on having the comment make it into the java class, but it could make sense to have it as a default if class-description is not there. open another jira for that. thanks. btw. its easy to add, just customize the persistentclass.hbm ...

8. Ant build.xml problem in generating hbm files

Hibernate version: 3.0 Ant build file: This ant file is used to generate all the hibernate mapping files required for testing

9. Ant/hbm2ddl to Generate DB Tables With Annotations

I'm currently learning about Hibernate so please forgive the noob question. I'm attempting to get Hibernate to generate SQL creation scripts and execute the code against the database. I've done this using the "SchemaExportTast" but am having no luck with hbm2ddl. I can get it to create the required SQL and export it to a file but am unable to get ...