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1. attribute in the hbm file

I was wondering what advantage there is for placing attributes like 'length="1"' in the hbm.xml files. This is an attribute for the property tag. From what I can tell, it's not needed. I haven't used them on previous projects, but they are being used on the current one, hence it has given rise to a curiousity. thanks, Mike

2. formula attribute in hbm

4. hbm2java ignores name attribute in property

littypreethkr wrote: The mistake you did is to name Title with an initial caps, in java beans the property names are supposed to start with a lower case letter. As u said it used supposed to be, but it does not have to. And it was not me who named it "Title" in Java, it was the hbm2java Tool. The whole ...

5. Using the cache attribute within hbm file