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1. hbm2ddl on a column based on GenericEnumUserType

The following JPA column definition generates an "integer" data type by default on all databases (e.g. h2, mysql, postgres)

@Column(name = "type", nullable = false)
@Type(type = "com.mycompany.hibernate.usertype.GenericEnumUserType", parameters = {

2. Column without member

Using Hibernate we're trying to have it create an additional column to an abstract class - but we can't add a new member to this class (memory consumption in large scale). ...

3. hbm2ddl not generating all columns

I have the following hbm file: Code: This class contains the course details. ...

4. How to create multi-column index using HBM2DDL

Hi, I have a schema which would benefit from multi-column indexes. The table in question has fields like user_id, lastName, firstName, etc. I offer the user the ability to filter his contacts using any of lastName, firstName, etc. All searches are related to the specific user doing the search. My .hbm.xml file looks like this: Code:

5. hbm mapping to array columns

Hello, The database is Postgres 7.4 I'm trying to map a database column of type boolean[] to a property of type boolean[] in my hbm.xml file something like the following. Is this possible and if so how do I do it. Thanks in advance. public class{ ... private boolean[] reportMonths; ... } ... ...

7. multiple index on the same column in hbm2ddl

Hibernate version: 3.1 Hi, I tried to generate database based on the mapping files using hbm2ddl. However, I found out that index attribute for column can't take multiple values. For example: for my tCustomer table, I want to create an index on email, and a combined index on email+password. I have no way to specify it in mapping file. Also, I ...

8. how to declare long text column in hbm?

9. In hbm file, creating a set with multiple key columns

Dear All, I have a question on mapping of database in hbm file. I have a table A, it cosists of 2 primary key table B is a many to one relationship to table A Therefore Table B will have 3 primary key. I tried to insert following code in table B's hbm file

10. hbm2java and a column named password

I am using the hbm2java tool to generate the Java code associated with a SQL Server database. One of the tables in the database has a field called 'PASSWORD' that is defined as nvarchar(64) NOT NULL. When I run hbm2java on this table this value is defined as 'Serializable' with the getter/setter set I would expect. The getter/setters also get annotated ...