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1. Hibernate hbm2ddl.auto update does not drop columns with mysql    stackoverflow.com

Its adds new ones, but as far as I can see it does not drop the old ones ? When I say old ones, I mean properties of entity objects that are ...

2. hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto "create-drop" with camelCase tables?    forum.hibernate.org

Is there a way to get the hbm2ddl feature to generate table names that match class names, including capitalization? I'm trying to use seam-gen to reverse engineer a database, but the lower case table names make the code unreadable. Is this behavior configurable? Does anybody know where the DDL creation happens so I could manipulate it myself?

3. hbm2ddl on mysql, updating indexes and create-drop    forum.hibernate.org


4. How programmatically run hbm2ddl, create-drop    forum.hibernate.org

I would like to programmatically do the equivalent of setting the following property: create-drop So in my java file I'd like to know how I can do this. I don't want to set and unset this value in the properties file everytime I want to change the behaviour of hibernate. Thanks, fenton