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1. how to create hbm files from java files?

Is there any eclipse plugin available to create hibernate hbm file from java file?? I want to create hbm from java files and hence the database.

2. hibernate.cfg.xml - - eclipse

The update works for me. If I add new fields, the new columns appear next time I start my web server. If I change a field name, the old column remains, but the new column appears. I use hibernate annotations (simpler than hbm.xml!) and spring as well. Are you restarting your application? John.

3. How to create hbm,command files in eclipse.

Hi All, I am trying to do POC for my project using spring with hibernate. For that i need to create hbm and command files. So, i have downloaded HibernateTools-3.1.0.beta4 plugin and i have added into eclipse. but i don't know how to create that. Please do any one support me for doing that. it would be helpful, if you give ...