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I am trying to create a class in HBM file which contains an Enum as a field. The HBM is similar to this:

<class name="a.b.c.myObject" table="OBJECT" >

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Hi, I have the following table: CREATE TABLE `user` ( `id` INTEGER AUTO_INCREMENT DEFAULT NULL, `name` VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'NULL', `age INTEGER NOT NULL, `gender` ENUM('male','female') NOT NULL DEFAULT 'male', PRIMARY KEY (`id`) ) I would like to generate the hbm.xml file which generates the java code for that table. How do I declare the ENUM in the hbm.xml file ...

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I have the field status in one of my classes It has enum type: public enum Status { OPENED, CLOSED; } I map it this way com.javaxshop.domain.manager.pojo.ShopOrderStatus 12 Hibernate generates it this way status integer not null But I want to has string type in my db for enum type. How I ...

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com.comp.enums.myfieldsEnum 12 ...