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I am trying to run a SQL query in Hibernate. I am using its documentation. Because of some unknown values i am trying to do inside the Source code. See this ...

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I have a simple class, called Person, as follows:

public class Person {
    private Integer id;
    private String name;
    private List<PersonState> states;

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Suppose that I have the following HBM mapping:

<class name="Student" table="student">
    <set name="classes" table="student_classes" cascade="none">
        <key column="studentId" />

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Hello friends, I am new to Hibernet so pardon me for asking this basic question. If we have two tables , TABLE A and TABLE B Table A | Table B ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PK_ID COLA1 COLA2 COLA3 | PK_ID COLB1 COLB2 COLB3 A1 1 abc pqr | B1 1 abc pqr A2 2 abc pqr | B2 1 abc pqr A3 3 ...

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in one post i came across the following piece of information: When you are using HQL the query parser will ignore the mapping document(*.hbm.xml). So when you are executing a HQL you have to specify the value in the Database. if the query paser ignores hbm files then what is the requirement of hbm files in application using hibernate.

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