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1. how , where and when to use natural-id in hbm file in hibernate?

I searched a lot in google but i didn't find any satisfied answer. So any one any please tell me a senario, where to use natural-id in hbm file in ...

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3.  entry in .hbm.xml for a primary key spanning

I am trying to generate an identifier generator class that provides the primary key for this table, and provide an entry in .hbm.xml for this table. Could someone please help? create table iv_prs ( protocol_id varchar2(255), CONSTRAINT iv_prs_pk PRIMARY KEY (protocol_id, version, protocol_id_num), protocol_id_num varchar2(100), protocol_name varchar2(255) CONSTRAINT iprs_protocolname_nn NOT NULL, base_protocol varchar2(255), description clob, version varchar2(20), xmlRep blob, ...

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