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1. How many .hbm files are needed to represent Hibernate Inheritance?

In order to represent inheritance how many hbm files are needed? How do I represent the relationship between base and subclasses in the subclass hbm file? I want hbm and pojo class of ...

2. Class inheritance with Hibernate and hbm2java

I am generating my domain objects from my hbm files with hbm2java and now I want them to all inherit a base class. This class will have some utility methods for ...

3. Can I use hbm2java without superclass of my class in hbm.xml, but with generated java file of this class

I have XXX.hbm.xml file with a class that inherits another class. I havenot YYY.hbm.xml file for parent class, but I have generated java file. Can I generate java file from my ...

4. Foreign keys have random number appended when using Hibernate's TABLE_PER_CLASS inheritance

I currently have the following in my domain model:

@Inheritance(strategy = InheritanceType.TABLE_PER_CLASS)
abstract class Item {
    private Organization ...

5. Wrong HBM mappings when using a mapped superclass in an inheritance graph for ColdFusion 9.0.1 Hotfix 2

Let's say I have an inheritance graph where the base class extends a mapped superclass:

component name="Entity" mappedSuperClass="true"
    property name="CreatedOn";

component name="Pet" extends="Entity" table="Pet" discriminatorcolumn="pet_type"
    property name="PetId" ...

6. Inheritance mapping (hbm => annotations)

Hi, I have hbm file, which I need to rewrite to annotations. It consists of two classes Article and ArticleDetails (which extends article), the first is used in the app for navigation generation (it contains only menuHeading property), class ArticleDetails has more information (attachments, comments, article itself etc.). With hbm mapping I had them mapped in one table, without any discripminators, ...

7. Code Generation error in hbm2java for inheritance

Hibernate version: 2.1.6 Mapping documents: Code: Represents a tripwire ...

8. Hibernate Annotation class inheriting from .hbm file

Hi I am having legacy code that uses Hibernate Mapping .hbm files written in XML. I want to extend one of this .hbm mapping file and add 4 new properties that will be mapped to new columns (We can do it using subclass tag and include the new properties). But I would like to write a class that has this 4 ...