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1. Mapping Map with Hibernate

Hey people, i have a the following map* which is giving me lots of trouble:

Map<MetricSourceInterface, AliasesInterface>
MetricSourceInterface is an entity with simple properties. AliasesInterface is an entity with only an Id and a ...

2. How do I map Map> mapping in Hibernate(in .hbm format)?

Can any one tell me how do I map Map<CustomeObject1, List<CustomeObject2>> mapping in Hibernate(in .hbm format)? I got ANS for same, but with annotations mapping But I want with .hbm format Thanks is advance.

3. Hibernate HBM Mapping Problem

I have the following three classes:

public class Student {
    private Integer studentId;
    private StudentSchool studentSchool;
    private School school;

    public ...

4. Recursive HBM Mapping

Can I do the following in my HBM mapping?

<class name="Employee" table="employees">
    <!-- assume that each person only has exactly one supervisor -->
    <many-to-one name="supervisor" class="Employee" ...

5. Mapping a boolean with hibernate

this is my first time ive asked a question on stackoverflow, but this website has been helpfull many times! im running into trouble with hibernate. I recently set my hbm2ddl to validate, ...

6. hibernate-mapping file and hbm2java

Is there a way to make hbm2java generator used the unsaved-value as the default in the POJO you create? I would like to use hbm2java to create my POJOs and never have to edit them (as I prefer middle out to top down). HOWEVER I need the POJOs to have the id default to unsaved-value otherwise I have to set that ...

7. hibernate hbm file mapping - problem with jcc driver

Hi, I am having a problem with the hibernate mapping file (something.hbm.xml) I have 1 field defined as a VARCHAR in the database. I have defined it as a String in the java file, and given type="string" in the hbm file. There is a field in the database with type SMALLINT. In the hbm file i have type="short" for that field. ...

8. Problem with Hibernate mapping using ext-hbm.xml

Hi all, we use the ext-hbm.xml for our own entities in the db. Now we have tried to lift up existing entities from portal-hbm.xml to ext-hbm.xml due our special requirements. We use the BlogsEntryImpl and MBMessageImpl each with a new column in the ext-hbm.xml. But the last entity of the ext-hbm.xml causes trouble because the new column is unknown. Example: when ...

9. Indexes with hbm mappings

Hi, I'm trying to create dynamic models and I can't get indexes to work. So far I've tested with PostgreSQL and SQLServer. I'm configuring like this: Code: Configuration cfg = new Configuration() .addFile(new File("Person2.hbm.xml")) ...

11. How to map Arraylist in HBM

anushka.vaze wrote: I have a Master table CamapTable which has list of marketID from a table called MarketIDrelation The key of the table is MarketIDrelation is detailsID from CamapTable and marketID from MarketIDrelation How should I write hbm for the both which will map to this list. NAME_OF_SEQUENCE_OF_PARENT_TABLE

12. Hibernate does not support JPA with HBM mapping

13. Assistence for mapping.hbm.xml with security manager Mode ON

Newbie Joined: Tue Aug 30, 2011 9:16 pm Posts: 2 Hey guys, I've a problem to running a java application with Hibernate. It's a client/server application with include RMI tecnology to do comunicate the client with the server. I've need use Security Manager because i transfer one object serializable from server to client.(object serializable = instance of a class that maps ...

14. How do you map (CLOB) MEDIUMTEXT in *.hbm.xml

15. how not to map an element in the .hbm.xml file

hi all, We are integrating a struts-spring application with hibernate. i have a DTO which has some variables.And i have mentioned the same in my .hbm.xml file. Now I have a variable which is a sort of a temporary var. it does not exists in the database table. How should i map this in my .hbm.xml file so that i get ...

16. Problems in Hibernate hbm file mapping when in Unix box.

Hibernate version:2.0 [b]Mapping documents: [b]Code between sessionFactory.openSession() and session.close(): Full stack trace of any exception that occurs: Name and version of the database you are using: The generated SQL (show_sql=true): Debug level Hibernate log excerpt: Hi, I am using hibernate between oracle 9i and Websphere server application. My application is running fine when my Websphere application server is installed in Windows ...

17. No .hbm.xml mapping files created but msg=success.

Here is my ant task: This task runs, says it creates the mapping files, creates the jboss-service.xml and completes successfully. BUT, there are no mapping files in the directory? What is going on? ...

18. hbm.xml mappings

I had to change my primary key from a single id, companyId to multiple ids, ( companyId, locationId ). How do I set the foreign key for the child. Before I just did: Now that I have 2 primary keys, how do I pick up the locationId?

19. One to many mapping file.hbm.xml

hi i like to map the value of one table to three table in mysql. if i am using list ie., match Result is mapped to match info but the same value i needed in team info but it is not mapping on that situation. i am getting org,hibernate.Generic JDBCExeption -cannot execute batch update. so please any one can know the ...

20. Newbie hbm.xml mapping question

21. Problem with hbm mapping

Hi, I am new for hibernate. Please help me, how can i do the mappings in Tabes structure Status Complaint id id status status_id (Forigen key of Status table) description i have these classes, Complaint. java , status.hbm.xml, Complaint.hbm.xml how can i get information of Complaint in my getAllComplaint() method. i am getting all complaints list with status_id not the ...

24. Hibernate mapping issue (hbm files)

we have fileprofile.hbm.xml , its used by fileprofile and change control module. Also it has associations. In fileprofile module i need to only load fileprofile not other associated collections. But Change control, i need to load fileprofile with associations , at the time of loading fileprofile entity itself. In hbm , we have mentioned lazy="false" and fetch="join" in all associations. Becoz ...