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1. Is it possible to define default object inside a SET element in HBM?    stackoverflow.com

lets say I have mapping of a set within Parent hbm file:

    <set cascade="all" inverse="true" lazy="false" name="children">
       <key column="parentChildId" foreign-key="fk_fk" not-null="true" on- ...

2. Mapping an object in Hibernate that has 2 lists causing problems    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to save an object that has 2 similar lists using a hbm.xml file. Below is my model object and HBM:

public class MyClass {


    private List<MyType> list;


3. hibernate mapping in hbm file for Object    stackoverflow.com

what is the hibernate mapping for Object in this class using .hbm.xml theory

public class ID {
   protected Object id; 
for example :
<id name="id" 

5. Navigate through Set of objects from a hbm file.    forum.hibernate.org

I have a problem with a set of objects in a hbm file. I have a table with students that has fk to table schools. Other table with classes that has a FK to schools. So in the hbm of schools I have a set of classes. Imagine that I want to get the students that study in the school x ...

6. Create the .hbm.xml from a Configuration object ?    forum.hibernate.org

I have a requirement to programmatically append attributes to class mapping in an .hbm.xml file. For this, I am experimenting with the Configuration class, which seems to have nice methods to add attributes to the mapping. But, I don't see a way to get the Xml Document back from a Configuration. I could work with the DOM APIs, but it would ...

7. how to truncate value object in hbm.xml file    forum.hibernate.org

I've read your post several times but I'm not sure to understand what you mean. I't seems you want to eliminate blank spaces from the begining and the end of your string. You have a function to do that in the Java API, trim(). If what you want is to access to the string directly and don't know where to put ...