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1. How to define two primary keys in an hbm

I have a table with two primary keys,how can i map the same in hbm mapping file.How to define two primary keys.

2. Many-to-Many hbm2ddl primary key issue

So I have a List that is a unidirectional many-to-many relationship. Here's the code: Code: @ManyToMany @OrderColumn(name="order_num") @JoinTable(name="TaskgroupToTask", joinColumns=@JoinColumn(name="task_id"), inverseJoinColumns=@JoinColumn(name="group_id")) private List tasks; I would have thought the primary key on the join table would be a composite key of task_id and group_id, however, instead ...

3. how do I create a hbm.xml file with out any primary key

Hi I have a question my take has four fields name age sex address different names used for easy understanding I have a bean created with setters and getters, I need to create a hbm.xml file for this, but my problem is that I have no primary key defined can I do anything this fancy. The realtime table is used just ...

4. How to define more than one primary key in the .hbm.xml file

Hello, Is it possible to define more than one primary key in the .hbm.xml file: this is a part of this file that i use but i dosn't work:

5. How can i map multiple primary keys in a table into the hbm?

I have two tables tableA and tableB each with their aID and bID primary keys. I also have another tableC who consists of 3 fields, the two first being foreign keys aID and bID - which both make the primary key together. My questions are these: 1) How can I tell hibernate to use both these as a combined primary key ...

6. two primary key hbm