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1. HBM file with multiple tags- ERROr    forum.hibernate.org

I added all the Jars in to Lib and I get this error. errororg.hibernate.InvalidMappingException: Could not parse mapping document from resource Customer.hbm.xml. I have lots of tables and I have multiple classes in my hbm file.. Would that be a problem? Any pointers appreciated.

2. hbm2java ignoring meta tags?    forum.hibernate.org

Hi! This is my cfg.xml file: ---------------------------- dd.HibernateBaseObject This is my ant task: --------------------------- The class generated implements only the Serializable interface.... Same happens if i use the implements meta tag attribute.... Shouldn't it extend the dd.HibernateBaseObject ...

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I have a problem simillar to this post http://forum.hibernate.org/viewtopic.php?p=2182874 however what is said there does not help me :(. I have a java class with XDoclet to create a hbm file. However the hbm file is not generated. Here is the class package src.hibernate; /** * @author Alex * * @hibernate.class table = "SAMPLE" */ public class Sample{ private Long id; ...

5. How can mention tag for a foreign key in hbm.xml    forum.hibernate.org

Here my application is relation between Item and Bid. There will be more than one bid for single item. I am explaining problem in detail below. First table ITEM(Item_Id(primary key) Type Integer, Item_name Type String) I have two table Second table BID (Bid_Id(primary key) Type Integer ,Item_Id(foreign key) Type Integer , Bid_name Type String ) I have used tag in ...