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1. hibernate reverse engineering to include a @Transient property

I am trying to include following

private org.springframework.web.multipart.commons.CommonsMultipartFile photo;

    public CommonsMultipartFile getPhoto() {
        return photo;

2. How to define a field as transient in hbm.xml mapping file?

Hi, I have a project in which hbm.xml files are still being used to generate JPA entity objects. I know that I can use a @Transient annotation within my entity itself to mark a property as non-persistent, but if someone regenerates the entity object, my modification will be lost. Is there a property that I can set in my hbm.xml mapping ...

3. Generate a 'transient' property from hbm.xml

Hibernate version:2.1 Is it possible to generate 'transient' properties from an hbm.xml file? I've got some properties which I want to appear in my value object, but which I don't want to persist to the database. The only solution I can see so far is to use the class-code meta information and hand-code the properties in the hbm.xml file. But it ...