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1. Nhibernate Tag Cloud    stackoverflow.com

I'm trying to get a Tag Cloud architecture working in NHibernate.

public class Tag : Entity
    public virtual int Id { get; set; }
    public virtual ...

2. ServiceBuilder generates incorrect HQL for finder tags    liferay.com

Hi all, I have a web service which uses Oracle as its database. I have the database column names mapped to different entity column names in the service.xml. I also have a finder tag. Now the ServiceBuilder generates a finder method with a HQL query like this: FROM my.service.package.model.SomeClass WHERE entityField = ? Let's say that the entity column here named ...

3. HQL example needed in XDoclet tag    forum.hibernate.org

Hi - I am using Hibernate 2.1.6 and would like to to build a query in HQL for the following SQL query: select emp.Name from EMPLOYEES emp inner join EVENTS v on emp.GROUP_ID = v.GROUP_ID The tables are: EMPLOYEES: columns> Name, GROUP_ID EVENTS: columns> GROUP_ID, EventName This basically joins the two tables EMPLOYEES and EVENTS on their comment column GROUP_ID. What ...