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1. Does between in HQL compare strictly or not?

if I write in HQL

A between 5 and 10
is that equivalent to
A >= 5 and A <= 10
A > 5 and A < 10
or some other of the 4 combinations? ...

2. How to compare a set in hql to a new user set

Hello all I try and try and did not succeed my self - so I need yours help. I have 2 hibernate classes: Event { int id; int event_type; Set insertionsStrings; } InsertionsString { int index; String string; } I get from a data for creating a new event. I need to check in the db if the new insertion string ...

3. HQL Question doing a NOT IN comparing a VARCHAR and BIGI

I need to do the following SQL in HQL: select * from item i where BIGINT(i.acct) NOT IN (select accountnumber from DACS_INDICATOR_TABLE) acct = VARCHAR accountnumber = BIGINT HQL = from ItemVO as item where item.acct not in (select dacs.acctNumber from DACSIndicatorTableVO as dacs) but this gives an error SEVERE: The data types of the operands for the operation "IN" are ...