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1. Get Random Rows Using JPQL

Is it possible to use JPQL for getting random rows? For example in SQL Server I would use: select * from myTable where columnName = 4 order by newid() Thanks, Rod

2. JPQL to get nearest records by latitude and longitude

I'm have entities with latitude and longitude and I would like to select those nearest to a given point. I found this example that looks like it would work


3. JPA/Hibernate and messed up named parameters

My simple query looks like this on JPQL:

SELECT COUNT(r) FROM org.domain.Resource r WHERE r._parent = :parent AND r._metadata[:metadataKey] is not null
But Hibernate SQL output looks like this (both for H2 and ...

4. JPQL get most recent rows

Let's say I have the following tables

integer: my_profile_data_id
integer: profile_id
integer: profile_data_type_id
date: date_changed
string: value

integer: profile_id
string: name

integer: profile_data_type_id
string: name
I want to get the most recent profile information for each profile data type. In ...

5. Hibernate using OneToOne

I have two tables

tab1 { col1 (PK), col2, col3 }

tab2 { col1, col2(PK), col3 }
I am using Hibernate annotation for joining using "OneToOne" I have the below Hibernate class for tab1
class tab1 ...

6. Does JPQL have single- and/or multi-line comments?

Question says it all... If they exist, which characters are used?

7. Need help on Hibernate and JPQL syntax

I am new to play framework and hibernate , I have a simple problem that I am unable to solve

public static void listMembers(int page,int pageSize,String[] fields,String[] values) { 

8. Write & Call user-defined function in JPQL?

Is it possible to write & call user-defined function in JPQL?

9. JPQL and clausole IN, not found

i have the following situation: In the dao class:

Query q = em.createNamedQuery("myQuery");
q.setParameter("attr", "value");
List<MyObj> listMyObj = q.getResultList();
In my file orm.xlm, i defined this query:
<named-query name="myQuery">

10. Usecases that really need Hibernate HQL over JPQL

I know JPQL is a subset of HQL. Are there any practical usecases (please give examples) that really need HQL specific features to be used (that means it is impossible or ...

11. JPQL-data missing

when I say em.createQuery("Select o.processName,t.taskName from TbdbProcesstable o JOIN o.TbdbTasktable t "); I get only the partial results. Because in TbdbProcesstable I've processName as Leave,PF and there is a corresponding entry ...

12. Question on JPQL...

Hi, I need help in formulating a JPQL query in this situation: 1. I have Customer and Order entities and I want all the Customers who have ordered something. I am thinking: select c from Customer c, In(c.orders) o Is that correct? Would the query be different in EJBQL and JPQL for this situation? 2. What if I want all the ...

13. Using MOD in JPQL

I have a long variable mapped to a database column, representing a date and time, in the form YYYYMMDDhhmm. So for example, midday today would be represented by the long value 200911051200L. I need to be able to run queries using JPQL against each of the individual components - year, month, etc. In order to access the month, for example, I ...

14. Is there any Tool for JPQL

15. differences between HQL and JPQL

16. JPA, JPQL and the lack of certain features.

Hello!: Although JavaRanch has appeared many times among the results of my searches on Google, this is my first message here. Finally I decided to register and see what happens. So, first, hello to you all . For the last year I've been learning a little about EJB and the JPA. This took me to learn the ins and outs of ...

17. Basic understanding of JPQL and HQL


Hi! It is possible to do an "UNION" in JPQL or something like this? Because I have a abstract class ("Table a") which has 3 different subclass ("Table b", "Table c", "Table d") and when I execute my query I don't know in advance what kind of subclass I need. Thanks in advance!


Hello to all - I'm working with JPA for the first time, and have come across a problem I can't seem to find a solution for, executing a WHERE IN native query. Entity Class: @NamedQuery(name = "Event.findByBranches", query = "SELECT e FROM Event e WHERE e.location IN (:branches)"), From EntityManagerController: @PersistenceContext ( unitName = "tmbcPU" ) EntityManager manager; public Collection getEventsByFilter ...

20. Basic understanding of JPQL and HQL

Just to make sure you know that: JPA is a specification on how to do OR-Mapping. Hibernate is one implementation of it, so it offers all JPA-features plus a some more useful features. So JPQL is also a specification on how to query objects, HQL is a kind of implementation. Actually, when using Hibernate as ORM-Tool you will never feel there ...

21. Please help me with JPQL

22. Simple JPQL (relational traversal) not working?

Beginner Joined: Thu Jan 31, 2008 7:09 am Posts: 34 Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 3.3.2.GA Mapping documents: package zeuzgroup.domain.entity; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import javax.persistence.AttributeOverride; import javax.persistence.CascadeType; import javax.persistence.Column; import javax.persistence.Embedded; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.ManyToOne; import javax.persistence.OneToMany; import org.domdrides.entity.UuidEntity; @Entity public class City extends UuidEntity { private static final long serialVersionUID = ...

23. JPQL question about multiple counts

This is the sql that is output from Hibernate log: Code: /* select count(distinct us), count(distinct u), count(distinct q) from UserSession ...

24. JPQL