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1. Doesn't NHibernate HQL support "with" keyword?

I'm trying to build a HQL that can left join values from a collection, in order to give me the chance of checking "is null" on it. Taken from the example from ...

2. Does NHibernate HQL support the UNION ALL keyword?

After extensive googling, I still can't find a definitive answer to this question. Some old articles/blog posts I've seen say not at all. Some say yes if the underling database supports ...

3. Using reserved JPQL keywords with JPA

I have an entity class called "Group" and NetBeans warns me "The entity table name is a reserved Java Persistence QL keyword". A similar case would be the use of reserved SQL ...

4. Escape HQL keyword

I use NHibernate 1 and have a HQL query

FROM MyObject mo
WHERE mo.Group = blabla
MyObject has a property called "Group". This is a HQL keyword, so I get an error
Unexpected syntax ...