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I've been stuck with this query for some time now. The SQL returns the result that I want, but I cannot work out how to express the query in HQL. Here's the ...

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I need to return a constant from an HQL query in NHIbernate

SELECT new NDI.SomeQueryItem(user, account, " + someNumber + ") 
FROM NDI.SomeObject object
I am trying for something like above. I've ...

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I have two tables:

-- Table: medibv.btdbn

-- DROP TABLE medibv.btdbn;

CREATE TABLE medibv.btdbn
  mabn varchar(8) NOT NULL,
  hoten text,
  ngaysinh timestamp,
  namsinh varchar(4),
  phai numeric(1) DEFAULT 0,

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I'm trying to write an NHibernate HQL query that makes use of parenthesis in the where clause. However, the HQL parser seems to be ignoring my parenthesis, thus changing the ...

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I can't find what's going on with the following nHibernate HQL. here's my VB.Net code:

Return _Session.GetNamedQuery("PersonAnthroSummary").SetInt32(0, 2).UniqueResult()
My Named Query:
<sql-query name="PersonAnthroSummary">
           select New ...

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After much problems with using 'group by' in linq2nhibernate, I have tried to switch to HQL, but I am struggeling with a simple example. I have the following table (ForumThreadRatings):