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1. Regex for a simplified HQL syntax

I intended to provide my view/business layer with the possibility to send HQL queries in strings to my data layer. However, the data layer needs to analyze and manipulate these queries (in ...

2. regexp in hql

Hi I'm using hibernate.3.2.0.cr2 I want to write a query that looks like this: session.createQuery( "select * from contact where emailAddress REGEXP :filter ) .setString( "filter", "[^" + getFilter() + "]" ); getFilter() can return 'a' or 'b' ( any character in the alphabet) or '0-9' any help will be appreciated. thanks sophia

3. HQL regex

i'm using hibernate 3.2 i need to use regex in my hql can some one help me cause i already search in refence and can't find it my query is FROM WHERE employee_id like '[a-zA-Z]' i want to search just the employee_id which not contain numeric i try in sql server, it's work, but in hql it doesn't work thx ...