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1. Composit-id still doesn't work (bbcode for better reading)

I'm using Hibernate 2.1.1. I'm getting really desperate because I just can't make this work. In the "Testing code" section below I'm using parameters that really exist in the "OP_TURNOS" table! Every time I try to execute the code I get: ERROR: ERROR: op_cont_rej_op_turnos_fk referential integrity violation - key referenced from op_controlo_rejeicao not found in op_turnos ( ... ) I'm printing ...

2. many-to-one with composit_id

3. Composit id creation

Hi all I am having tables Emp (empno, ename, designation, salary, deptid) Dept(deptid, dname,location) I am trying to create a composite id for emp mapping file here is my mapping file ...

4. Trouble with composit-id and save

Need help with Hibernate? Read this first: ... AskForHelp Hibernate version: 3.x Mapping documents: main_sequence