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Hello, hopefully somebody can help me in this problem. It took me a lot of time until now and I'm still unable to figure out where the problem is. I'm trying to persist 6 entities simultaneously when calling persist for a Booking entity. This behavior is the expected one (in the mentioned order): 1. Persist new User entity 2. Persist new ...


Hi folks! I'm implementing a java Web Application that store it's data on a MySql database. For the implementation, I'm using eclipse and the hibernate synchornizer plugin. I already got success accessing the tables on the database. But I had problems when tried to save to a specif table... This is a User table that has some attributes like: username, firstname, ...


I use struts to get a actionFormBean from an Html Formular, and when i try to save this bean using; I get an exception ids for this class must be manually assigned before calling save() I store all of fields(whith identifers) in this html fomular, so i thinks that they are assigned manually . Thinks in advance.