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1. initialize natural id from surrogate key

2. natural id immutable behaviour

Hello, I'm using hibernate for the first time. I just found out that changing the value of a natural-id property (introduced in 3.0.5) will not change that property on the db (as mutable defaults to false), but will also not throw an exception when calling Session.update(changedObject). Shouldn't this throw some kind of ConstraintViolationException?

3. Confused about compsite-id vs (with?) natural-id

I obviously don't have it right ... about how to get what I want from mapping. I have an existing (pre-hibernate) database. The previous database facility allowed me to use two fields as a primary key for these records. I want to do that with hibernate. I am not getting the results I desire from the way I have mapped this ...

4. natural id behavior?

Newbie Joined: Thu Dec 01, 2005 11:34 am Posts: 19 Hibernate version: 3.0.05 Hi! I'm a complete newbie to hibernate, and just starting to get things working. I'm trying to get hibernate to behave the way my previous home-rolled DAOs did. One such behavior is this: If you try to insert a record into a table that has the same natural ...

5. natural-id and generated id - best practice ?

hi all, i have the following simple problem: i'm working with hibernate 3.1 inside the springframework. I use postgresql as DB. i have one Table A with the following mapping: Code: a_seq_id

6. DefaultFlushEntityEventListener and immutable natural ids

There appears to be a bug in DefaultFlushEntityEventListener when checking for changes in immutable natural ids. Hibernate version: We are using Hibernate 3.1.3 and Spring 1.2.6 Mapping documents: Site.hbm.xml: ------------

7. natural-id lookup

If you want to use only the L1 cache, then you can't use queries. Query results are stored in the L2 cache, as individual fields: the L1 cache stores complete objects. You can either use hSes.get(UniExtProcedure.class, "b") (uses L1 cache), or one of the queries above (which use the L2 cache). You could change your criteria query to use a projection ...

8. Persistnace problem with natural-id

10. Generating natural ids