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Hi, I use Hibernate through JPA. The database is MySQL 5.0 I have an Entity with generated key. I create an object and perform merge(). JPA's way to give me the generated key is giving me the whole new object as a return value. Is there a way to let Hibernate update my "old" object (i.e., the one passed to merge()) ...

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Newbie Joined: Sun Sep 07, 2003 8:46 pm Posts: 10 I am using Hibernate 2.03 and when I use the following code the objects are not being persisted. I have read the docs and this seems to be the way it should be done. There is no exception. The mapping and log are below. Please assist public void updateww(List wwscores) throws ...

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I really enjoyed reading a few chapters from HIA. Cool book! Thanks! I'm working on a project that plans to use Hibernate to update objects in a local database that were sent via XML from a remote database. An issue that arises here is wether Hibernate supports the possiblity of updating an object that was newly constructed but has an existing ...

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