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I would like to hold a ref of some other entity using its identifier. The object model which I am working on is huge and related entities hold lot of data. ...

2. JPA entity without id    stackoverflow.com

I have database with next structure:

    id SERIAL,
    name VARCHAR(255),
    PRIMARY KEY (id)

CREATE TABLE entity_property (

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Does anyone know how I can do the equivalent of this in hibernate:

with JPA? EntityManager has a contains method but that's pretty much it! I'm writing some code that acts as a transformer ...

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I need to persist an object with the replicate method of hibernate's session, but i want the object to retain its id, because it's an identity column in sql ...

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I have a little application where I store entity to DB. I do this in next way:

class Entity {
    privete id;
    String somePropertie;

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Hello, I would like to have your advice about something. First, details on my environment : I use Hibernate 3.2.6.ga and ehcache 1.4.1. I have a class with a generated id. But my application uses a unique property to search the entities and I would like to use ehcache according this unique property. So, the solution I've found is to set ...

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I have this Object fetchIdFromBean(Object entity); The entity passed in may be an Object or a hibernate proxy with just an id inside. I am writing an ETL transformation layer on an existing hibernate layer. Is there a method in hibernate somewhere I can call that will return the id back for me? thanks, Dean

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hi all ! i have an entity with generated id by sequence (ORACLE) when i perform session.merge , the new value is generated in the DB but it does not appear in the id attribute of the entity. i need to read the new generated value because i load the screen with the new record value. how can i get the ...

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Hi all, I have one question related to domain model design. I have one entity Order, which has references to some master data entities like Currency and Country: @Entity @Table( name = "ORDERS" ) public class Order { . @Column ( name = "CURRENCY_ID" ) private Currency currency; @Column ( name = "COUNTRY_ID" ) private Country country; . } I have ...

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I have a folder hierarchy I am mapping. A Folder contains Items, mapped as a list of ItemBeans. A Folder is a subclass of an Item. An Item has a reference to the folder it is in, hopefully mapped by parent_id column. I want the itemBean to contain the id of the parent, not the parentBean, to help break circular reference ...

12. Two id in one entity not working    forum.hibernate.org

I got problem when having two id in one entity. I have an Order entity. It has one "id" field, which is PK and is generated by Hibernate uuid. It also has a "refNum" field, which is a unique number for other business purpose and is generated by Oracle sequence. The "id" field is working fine. But, the "refNum" field is ...