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1. Ids not available from proxy object    stackoverflow.com

I have the follow object:

public class SlideShow implements Serializable {

    @SequenceGenerator(name="slideShowSeq", sequenceName="slideshow_seq")

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Hello, I am having a problem getting the ID for an object which I cascade. I was wondering is there a cache I am not clearing or a way that I can get my object's ID? User.java Code: .... @ManyToMany(cascade={CascadeType.PERSIST, CascadeType.MERGE},targetEntity=Permission.class) @JoinTable( name="tblperm", ...

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Hello, Is there a way to change an Object's ID after it has been assigned an ID by the generator and been persisted? I tried assiging a new ID and calling session.update(), but it seems Hibernate identifies Objects by its ID and gets confused. I know this may sound like a strange requirement, but its a legacy database where under some ...

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I am using Hiberante 2.1.4 for a project and have worked through my entire domain model and mapped it to a relational database using the mapping files. I will have a DAO layer to assist with CRUD of the domain model. My question is what is the best practice of scoping for ID properties of my domain objects?? They are all ...

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I executed: Iterator resultsIt = sess.iterate("select max(id) from AlarmDTO as alarm"); and got back a full DTO rather than an Integer max value. I don't understand why. Thank you. Hibernate version:2.1 Mapping documents:

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Is it possible to have a persistable object without an ID property? I have millions of objects that are saved often, and a primary key is not necessary. Each has a timestamp, but there may be two objects with the same timestamp. I'm trying to save as much database space as possible. Any ideas?

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I have searched through the FAQ's but have not found anything matching this so I'm hoping someone can help. We are creating a web application that uses the Springs hibernateTemplate to tell Hibernate 3 to save objects to our MySQL 5 database. The table we are saving to in the database has an autoincrement id field that is the primary key. ...

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As an example, suppose we are dealing with a simple problem of persons' favorite books. So I have a Person table, a Book table and a Favorite table containing the (PersonId, BookId) pairs. To manage the favorite, i.e., add a book to a person's favorite, remove a book from a person's favorite etc., I can see two solutions: 1. Have two ...

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Hi, I am doing a mapping class hierarchy to a table. I have 2 classes; OrganizationNode -- base class SummaryNode -- extends OrganizationNode CostCenterNode -- extends OgranizationNode I am trying to build the entire hierarchy in memory, but I am getting this org.hibernate.WrongClassException: Object with id: 96696 was not of the specified subclass. I am getting this error at different nodes ...

13. many-to-one losing id of objects 'one' side (bug ?)    forum.hibernate.org

Hibernate version: 3.2.6 Hi All, I've experienced some behavior that is looking more and more like a bug but seems too common a use case for it not to be picked up by others. I have a many to one mapping between a user and organisation - very standard stuff. On the actual many-to-one mapping I have fetch="join" set so that ...