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Hi Thank you for reading my post We have an application created using JDBC, for now application works but for next version we are planning to use a ORM framework as some parts of application is going to be re-writted . now my question is : in currect JDBC layer we have tens of dynamically created SQL statement (select / delete ...

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Hi, when I run the schema tool the following exception occurs: [java] 0 [main] INFO cfg.Environment - Hibernate 2.0 beta 5 [java] 30 [main] INFO cfg.Environment - hibernate.properties not found [java] 50 [main] INFO cfg.Environment - using CGLIB reflection optimizer [java] 50 [main] INFO cfg.Environment - JVM proxy support: true [java] 50 [main] INFO cfg.Configuration - Mapping file: D:\ZZ_RBREITENMOSER\eduswiss\diplomarbeit\projektGastro\generated\com\ebr\middletier\model\Address.hbm.xml [java] 1102 ...

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I am using XDoclet to generate the mapping files from the java classes. Everything works fine, except the following: In my class I have the tag: /** * @hibernate.class * table="MyTable" * dynamic-update="true" * dynamic-insert="true" */ This generate the following element in the mapping file: dynamic-insert="true" is not created in the mapping. Thank you. mota

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The in the mapping file can not meet my requirement because I was asked to use map one POJO to multiple tables of same structure. The table name is dynamic in runtime. e.g. anytime a new device was created, a device_? table is created in the database. the ? is the primary key of the device. Then, all data from ...

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OK, I will try to explain: let us suppose we have object that has 10 fields, then we create one and initialize one field only, with dynamic insert the statement will have two values like this insert into table (id, fieldName1)values( 0, 'zz'), without dynamic insert it will look like insert into table (id, fieldName1,fieldName2,....)values( 0, 'zz', null,...); same about dynamic ...

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Without dynamic-insert, each class' insert SQL statement is generated when the mapping file is parsed. This is efficient, as all that work is done only once. However, every column is always inserted. With dynamic-insert, the SQL is generated only when you're about to insert a row. The smallest possible insert statement is generated, omitting columns that aren't needed (null values, or ...

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