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1. Use of Hibernate to insert million records from Flat File

Hi I am new to Hibernate and have secenario where I have to read a flat file parse it and insert into database. Now the flat file is pretty big that is may contain arround million records. It's taking too long to insert all the records if going through the traditional way so wondering if using hibernate how can I make ...

2. How to automate insert statement using hibernate config file

Hi, I am trying to create orders-ddl.sql file, using the schema-export option in Ant-build file, which will have insert statements generated automatically with values defined in hibernate config file, but I dont know how to do so. Following is the hibernate config file ...

3. inside of ddl file

6. Possible to generate ddl script without class files

Newbie Joined: Tue May 02, 2006 6:40 pm Posts: 2 This should be a simple question, but I do not know the answer :(. Is it possible to generate the the sql script from following mapping? I am trying to create some .sql and pojo files from a sample .nbm.xml. Ant task is used. However, I got following exceptions complaining the ...

7. Use of Hibernate to insert million records from Flat File

Hibernate is not the best tools to do this with. Not saying it cannot be done just not the best. Databases in most cases supply very good fast native loaders. Why don't you use the tools that are supplied with the database? Alternatively, for a more permanent loading situation I would have a look at dbUnit.

8. DDL file