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1. Hibernate Interceptor - composite object how to log ?

I am trying to audit database operations by implementing hibernate interceptor. Most of the things work fine, however the problem is with logging composite objects. And there are some related questions - 1. Hibernate interceptor enables me to log the class names, how do I get the corresponding table names ? 2. Consider a class - Code: Book { ...

2. Composite-element of a map is not passed to Interceptor

Newbie Joined: Sun Apr 04, 2004 10:27 am Posts: 4 Location: Atlanta, Georgia I'm having trouble with the Interceptor on a composite-element in a map. I have the following mapping: Code:

3. Problem using Interceptor.isTransient() with composite-id

Hibernate version: 3.1 I have a class Foo, and I have another class Bar whose composite id is and a type. The Foo class holds a Set of Bars. I've implemented an Interceptor so that hibernate will know when Bar isTransient. The documention suggests to me that if i create a Foo, and add some Bars to it, when I ...