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1. Logging deletions in Interceptor    forum.hibernate.org

This is a general question. We're using Hibernate 2.1.6. We're using an Interceptor to do logging and want to keep track of the values in a deleted object as they were at the time of deletion. The values in the object can include some lazily initialized collections. We understand that it is illegal to initialize a collection from within the Interceptor. ...

2. Audit Logging using interceptor    forum.hibernate.org

1. In my case, one class is associated to many (3) entity-names. Although all these entities refer to the same table, the fields in the each of them are not the same. During onFlushDiry, I cannot get the right entityname.. is there a way to get that ? 2.When collections are updated as part of the object, is the onflushdirty() method ...

4. Problem with creating audit logs using interceptor    forum.hibernate.org

Hi All, I'm trying to use hibernate interceptor for creating audit logs. I have a table 'tickets' which has many-to-many association with another table 'developer' and 'tkt_ticket_assignment' holds the tickets and developer assigments.. My hbm.xml looks like this. Code: