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Newbie Joined: Wed Oct 27, 2010 11:13 am Posts: 5 Hello- My interceptor's onFlushDirty() method is being invoked even for newly created entities. My understanding is onSave() is for inserts and onFlushDirty() for updates. Any pointers will be highly appreciated. Thanks. Code: public class AuditLogInterceptor extends EmptyInterceptor { /** * ...

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I tried to use an Interceptor to create protocol objects for changes made on persistent objects. Each protocol object maps the change of the state of a single property of the persistent object. Creating the protocol objects works very well with the Interceptor. Now I want to store the protocol objects to the database with session.save(protocol object) in onFlushDirty(). This causes ...

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Hibernate version: 2.1.7 Mapping documents: Code: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Session session = sessionFactory.openSession(conn, new TestInterceptor()); Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction(); Fred fred = (Fred) session.load(Fred.class, new Integer(1)); fred.setName("John"); //Each call to getNamedQuery forces a flush()!!! Query query = session.getNamedQuery("selectAgreedTrips"); query.list(); tx.commit(); session.close(); //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class TestInterceptor implements ...

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