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1. Hibernate Second Level Cache EhCache library mismatch?

I'm using Hibernate 3.5.0, JBoss AS 6 and Liquibase 1.9.5. I wanted to activate EhCache Hibernate second-level caching as follows: The first thing I do, is adding a new dependency to the pom.xml: ...

2. Upgrading Hibernate library in JBOSS 6

Iam developing a java EE 6 application with JBOSS As 6. In JBoss As 6 Hibernate version is 3.6.0 . How can I replace it with 3.6.3 ???

3. new jboss related files found at new 2.1rc1 lib

Dear Gavin Thanks a lot, with new 2.1 rc1 , any new additional library need to be copy to the jboss lib in order for it to function or not , it seems that ehcache is required now. Just one more query , do j2ee.jar is a must if one wish to employ standalone hibernate ? If so, please state in ...