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1. advantage of JDBC over Hibernate

JDBC is theoretically faster (or the same) than hibernate since hibernate is always reduced to low-level JDBC calls. Even with hibernate, some advanced queries will require either direct JDBC or good stored procedures; object mapping tools really don't eliminate complex database issus, just simple ones like simple pojos/dos. [ May 09, 2007: Message edited by: Scott Selikoff ]

3. what is the advantage of Hibernate over jdbc?

The JavaRanch had a very interesting discussion on just this topic: I agree that we don't always need a framework like Hibernate. And that logic applies to all things. Like, why do you need farmers when you can grow your own food? Why do you need to buy a car from a dealer when you could build one yourself? Some ...

4. advantages of jdbc over hibernate

In small projects (in the sense that the database does not have a large number of columns or a high level of complexity). Otherwise, all of that SQL in the code is just one more thing that has to be maintained, and in a manner ion which you get no help from the compiler.