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Hibernate internally uses PreparedStatements under JDBC when converting HQL to SQL. How are inline parameters within an HQL handled ? example:

  public List<Student> loadAllStudentsByStatus(String status) {
    String queryString ...

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am running on MS Sql Server 2005. I am very new to Hibernate and I need help convert some SQL that I wrote in JDBC in my Java Program to Hibernate HQL. I am not sure how to handel the Datediff and if I should try and make this HQL or should I pass native SQL query through the Hibernate Session ...

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Hi, We just went to Production with our system and find all our queries slow. More so when joining large tables (one has 400 000 rows the other has about 185 000 rows). I've been trying to pin point the bottleneck without success. I do all my testing/troubleshooting with one particular SQL to make sure that if I do something that ...