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1. What does "java.sql.SQLException: No tables used" mean? Jboss + Hibernate

I am using JBoss 5.1 and I get the same error either with MySQL 5 or HSQLDB. Of course I already tried Google, but it seems that I am the only ...

3. Hibernate table not found

I have a table and a mapping file in hibernate, and yet I am getting table not found when I try to query the table. Could this happen if the table I am querying has a constraint to another table? I am not using it and don't really want to make an object and mapping, etc for no reason. thx.

4. Hibernate PreInsertEventListener -> How to create a History Table

Hi, I'm writing a SWING app with hibernate and I want to implement "a kind of" custom made audit trail. For instance I have one Class "Permissions" and when the user adds or edits a Permission I want to write to a table who, what and when edited/created a Permission. I have a POJO Permissions: Java Code: @Entity @Table(name = "PERMISSIONS", ...

5. How do you get JDBC metadata and how do you create tables?

That would work outside of the context of my application. I should ahve been more specific sorry: I have a SessionFactory and a class that is mapped in that SessionFactory. How do I, using only this information, get the tablename that the class is mapped to as a string. I do not require the entire ddl.